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Why won't my tomato plants produce fruit?

I have a tomato plant that is about 5 feet tall and has only produced 3 fruits. I have many yellow flowers but nothing is happing with them. Please help.

Why won't my tomato plants produce fruit?
Several conditions can cause tomatoes to not set fruit including the heat, too much nitrogen %26amp; several other factors like not enough sunlight.

Too much nitrogen fertilizer will make the plant grow huge at the expense of the fruit production. Growth is being directed toward vegetation %26amp; away from the flowers so they can't produce.

Extreme temperatures or not the right temperature will deter fruit set:"Optimum fruit set occurs within a very narrow night temperature range of between 60° F and 70° F. When tomato plants experience night temperatures lower than 55° F or above 75° F, interference with the growth of pollen tubes prevents normal fertilization. The pollen may even become sterile, thus causing the blossoms to drop. High daytime temperatures, rain, or prolonged humid conditions also hamper good fruit set. If the humidity is too low, the pollen will be too dry and will not adhere to the stigma.

If the humidity is too high, the pollen will not shed readily. Pollen grains may then stick together, resulting in poor or nonexistent pollination."

Other reasons why the plant isn't producing fruit is poor pollination because the bees won't do their job in the heat. Some other things interfering with fruit set are: irregular watering %26amp; insects such as thrips.

The most common reason tomato plants do not set fruit is because they are not planted where they can receive 8-10 hours of direct sunlight daily. Any less direct sunlight will result in a nonproductive plant with healthy foliage.

Good luck! Hope this helps.
Reply:Cut a store bought tomatoe in half, they're allmost all water inside. You have to water the hell out of tomatoes twice a day. Soak the ground to mud.
Reply:If you have the yellow flowers, the tomatoes will follow! Just takes time. KEEP WATERING.
Reply:just wait and your plant will flourish
Reply:The problem is with bees and polination. They think that bees are getting lost because cell phone signals mess with their frequency and everyone is having problems. I believe you can polinate by hand using a feather.
Reply:Theres a possibility its not getting enough sun. When a plant doesn't get enough sun, its natural reaction is to produce more foliage to try and get more or it will die.

Also, try pruning it back so more hormones are directed to making more flowers, which will make more fruit. Just don't over do it.
Reply:They require at least 4 hrs of sun a day to set fruit. If they have this, then it's just too hot. Most won't set fruit below 55F or above 90F. Beefsteak types won't set above 85F--and it's a rare summer day anywhere this year that we don't exceed 85F! Just keep nurturing the plants. When the weather cools a bit, you may get a few before the first freeze.
Reply:Have you seen many bees about? The flowers need to be pollinated. You could try brushing them in turn with a paintbrush, to transfer the pollen. You also need to feed with tomato fertiliser or preferably comfrey liquid every week or so depending on whether they are in containers or in the ground.

More details on tomato cultivation at:

Good luck.
Reply:miracle gro, man!
Reply:you may need another plant for pollination

you may need more sun light as well
Reply:tom plants need tons of water , in the evening ,

and plant food,
Reply:If the temperatures are over 90 degrees where you live, your tomatoes won't set fruit. Keep them alive %26amp; when things cool down you should get tomatoes.
Reply:If you water too often they will not bear. Water deep but not daily. You can get a blosom set to spray on blossoms that will cause fruit to set. You can mix your own with a epsom salt water mixture. Spray the blossoms to help them set.
Reply:what happens when you smoke them??
Reply:Perhaps your soil is not fertile enough, try spreading some sort of mulch or fetilizer to provide the plant with more nutrients, make sure it is in direct sunlight and water the hell out of it, when there are dry spells in the weather occuring.
Reply:first flowers, then fruit

be patient

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Tomato plants-when will they have fruit?

I bought two tomato plants at the grocery store and planted them in my yard. The plants are growing very quickly, but there are no signs of flowers, or the beginning of tomatoes. Should there be something starting at this point? A friend of mine has cherry tomato plants in her yard, and there are some little green tomatoes on her plants already. Is it possible that my plants would seem to be thriving, but not produce fruit?

Tomato plants-when will they have fruit?
Heirloom tomato's in Jersey probably will not bear fruit until Mid to late August possibly even early september. These varieties tend to take quite a bit longer than conventional round red tomatoes to reach maturity. Just be patient. The 1st crop of heirlooms out of Mexico has finally reached maturity and has just started shipping to retail locations in the states. Give it another 1-2 months. Your reward will be great tasting tomato's.
Reply:I think it depends on where you live and what variety of tomato you planted. Down here in the South, once the nightime temperature is over 70 degrees F, most tomatoes won't set their blossoms. You should also be pinching off the sucker shoots from the "V" where branches come off the main stem. This keeps the plant from putting a lot engery into growing branches and not putting out blooms.
Reply:Depends on the type of tomatoes you have. Some bush types ,like the little cherry style grow and produce lots of shoots followed by flowers and fruit. Other styles, usually the larger fruited varieties should be grown as cordons, that is the side shoots pinched out and the plant tied and supported by a stake or cane.. In pinching out though be careful you do not remove flower shoots. You need to know what you are doing. When you get flowers ,if there are not a lot of insects about to pollinate give the flowers a spray with fine clear water, using a hand sprayer.Keep he plants well watered. Do not feed until the first truss has set, or the plant will make growth at the expense of flowering..
Reply:Well, if you fertilized those plants with Miracle-Gro or some other monstrosity like that, they're probably overloaded with nitrogen. So they'll put out leaves.

Feed them bone meal and when you see little buds coming out, trim off each and every leaf and stem that will not have flowers, so the plant focuses on the fruits.

Another thing is, you don't say what type of tomatoes you got. But if your friend has hybrids, they're putting out fruit already. If you got an heirloom variety, you'll be harvesting closer to the end of August, or early in the fall
Reply:put some miracle grow on them.. they even have some for tomatoes/veggies. I did it every other week and mine were so big and juicy last year!!! good luck.
Reply:Do they have little yellow flowers on them yet? The fruit usually appears after the flowers have bloomed.
Reply:Usually, the toms will bear red fruit within 70-75 days after planting. So, somethig should be starting soon for you.

BUT ...

inspect the branches CAREFULLY. Any signs of some of them being nibbled away? Japanese beetles, for example, are top feeders and work their way from the top down and the outside IN. Therefore, because they (and other pests as well) are chomping at the very tips of things, you might not see anything missing. Also look for a big green tomatoe worm -big caterpillar thing. Pluck it off. Everyhting else continues to grow fast and lush while the pests are at work, so just a cursory glance doesn't tell you the whole story.

Now look around the BASE of the plants. See any dried up littel shred of leaf down there? That could indicate either pest damage or a nutrition problem for the plant. If so, you'll need a consult with a garden center or just scan the web.

But if everything looks good, get ready for the white bread and mayo!

If not so good, c'mon over to my house. In about 10 days I'll have countless tomatoes and will need all the hlp I can get!
Reply:It all depends when you planted them. If they have been planted since May they should already have small/ medium green tomatoes on them. You may want to add a little plant food when watering.
Reply:You havent given enough info. What State, How long planted. They will start very quickly when they do start. Do you have them in full sun? They need that also.

Should I plant my tomato plants today?Or wait till Monday?

Hi,there! I am preparing my little piece of the earth..for my tomato plants! I think it may frost here this weekend one last time in pennsylvania? So I am thinking I should wait till monday to plant them?? Any suggestions? Thanks-ALot!

Should I plant my tomato plants today?Or wait till Monday?
well if you think it's going to frost then you probably should wait till monday, otherwise you'll probably end up having to do it all again, no?
Reply:Well if it's going to be cold and frosty out this weekend. Then logic says to wait till the weather is nice again like as you suggested maybe Monday and do it then. You do not want to plant them and then have them die on you then you would have to go spend more money on new ones. That would suck. So, I would say yeah wait till Monday. IF you are still unsure then call your local Plant Nursery they are the best people to ask for advice on this as they deal with this kinda stuff on a daily basis.
Reply:THE RULE passed down from my mother, grandmother, etc. etc. in NJ (and we always grow the best tomatoes) is to plant after Mother's Day, Of course they didn't anticipate global warming... this may seem silly but just shut off your surroundings, and meditate -- the earth and the tomato are living -- if you know how to listen they will tell you. Really I am serious..
Reply:If you think it may frost one last time this weekend, what could possibly be your reason for not waiting until Monday? Think about the risk involved in choosing one day versus the other.
Reply:i'm in PA too, i would wait til monday! rain is on the way!!
Reply:do it on Sunday
Reply:no time like the present.
Reply:wait till monday unless they are going in a greenhouse, if so then go for it
Reply:If you're planting from seed, no problem.

If from plants, then wait till all frosts have gone.

Remember, tomatoes need heat and sun to produce fruit.
Reply:What more can I add except to say if you were a tomato plant would you want to be thrust into the cold, cruel, freezing ground or would you rather acclimate yourself to the terra firma on a day that's at least above 32 degrees?

Sometimes ya hafta think like a tomato... :-)
Reply:who cares. why can't you make up your mind about something like that. obviously you don't want to plant them before a frost.
Reply:That depends on wher you live. if you live in continental climate, you should wait until the weather gets warmer and more steady.
Reply:wait! its not worth planting them now, just to have them wither in the frost and have to plant a whole new crop!
Reply:If there is any chance of frost, i would wait till monday. you don't want frostbite tomato plants. Happy planting!!!

Tomato and chilli plants?

im growing tomato and chilli plants on my balcony in miami and they have been in the pots for 2 weeks. i notice on the chilli plant and one of the tomato plants that there are little shoots growing by the side of them. what are these and are they a good thing or a bad thing??the one growing near the chilli plant is now as big as the chilli.

Tomato and chilli plants?
Plant them deeper next time.
Reply:We grow tomato in a pot too.... you cut that shoots or pinch it... it is not bad ... but your tomato will not give you lots of fruits....

Chili and tomato cannot be grown together or near its other.... just pinch those shoots.... and put your chili a little farther from your tomato plants

Why do tomato plants die in freezing temperatures?

Why can other plants survive and tomatoes can't?

Why do tomato plants die in freezing temperatures?
I think it's because tomato plants are particularly juicy. Their parts contain a lot of water. Water expands when it freezes. So the cells of tomato plants expand and break. The next morning the whole plant is a pile of mushy mess.

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Watering Lemon Water for tomato plants?

First of all can I water lemon juice (fresh) in water for my tomato seedling and plants and is there any benifits if not what else can i feed with water.

Watering Lemon Water for tomato plants?
I don't think lemon juice would be a good choice to water your tomato seedlings with. There are some plants that prefer acidic soil who "might" benefit from a lemon juice in the soil, but tomatoes aren't one of them. If you're looking to feed your tomatoes, I recommend EB Stone's Organic Tomato and Vegetable food. Or ask at your local nursery which tomato fertilizer they recommend. Good luck!
Reply:DO NOT put lemon juice in the water for your tomato plants.

You can buy "tomato" fertilizer (organic, solid, or liquid) at any plant store.

Do Not fertilize TOO much. You will get LOTS of green growth, but NO tomatoes!!

Good Luck!!

Tomato Plants - How old are they?

I bought tomato plants today and would like to know how long ago they were planted (how long they've been growing since they were planted). They're about 5 inches tall. I assume 7-10 days for germination, but how long after that have they been growing? Thanks for the help. Here's a picture of them if you need to see it:

Tomato Plants - How old are they?
maybe 2-3 weeks sense they germinated. mine are about 7 weeks sense they were planted and are a little over a foot tall. one thing that helps make them grow is to mix a little skim milk into the water. try some with the skim milk and some without and you will see the difference
Reply:5to 7weeks nice healthy plants,keep them moist and in the sun if it,s above 50 at night get them in the ground or one to a 5gal bucket.tomatoes need 6hrs a day of direct sun light.
Reply:month old be good time period